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Each time you choose to engage at The Alter Call,


the gift of presence.

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Whether you are coming to one of our live practices, engaging in spiritual mentorship or consulting with us

you are inviting
intentional and powerful
nervous system reorganization. 

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Two Inches
Beyond Black

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welcome to

the intricate space where

disruption meets clarity.

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My first meeting with Crystal I remember saying, “I have no idea what I’m asking for” and Crystal smiled and responded, “perfect.” And that is where Crystal meets me every time we sit together.  


The present moment full of space and possibilities. Even when I don’t want to be in the moment, she uses her gift of deep listening and inquiry to patiently guide me back into myself, my answers, my power, my possibilities, my ancestors, my God, my Spirit, my body, and my breath.


She cared for my breath as if it were her own.  Because it is and Crystal don’t play about her breath. I inhaled my sacred yes. And God continues to exhale answers that are beyond what I can expect or imagine when I sit with Crystal. And that may be the only knowing in sitting with Crystal- Spirit speaks and it will beyond my wildest imagination. There are no words to express my gratitude for our time together. I’m grateful our arcs crossed.

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engage DEEPER

Group practice creates a consistent and communal practice around being with what seeks to be known through each moment. This practice invites us to take a seat as we liberate the body and invite the imagination of the mind. 


there is a place for you here.